Black Audition
Jon has come for an audition to be in a porn film. Because he is black, Kaicee and Kate are all excited because they are expecting a really big cock. They chat for a few minutes and then tell him to show them the goods. As he strips off, they look confused that they can't see much of a bulge in his underwear. This confusion turns to laughter and dismay when he takes his underwear off and they see how small his penis is. Kaice sums it up by saying "what the fuck is that?" and then holds her cigarette packet next to it and they are the same size! Jon seems impressed he is as big as a cigarette packet but the girls tell him about all the well hung guys they have fucked and he soon feels silly. As they start wanking his cock, they laugh at the fact it's not getting much bigger and laugh even more when he shoots a tiny puddle of spunk out of his pathetic cock.