Flab Fighters
Three women have turned up for a weight loss class but when the teacher arrives they see he is much fatter than any of them. They find it difficult to take him seriously but when he says he isn't just big round his belly, he is big "down below" as well, the girls decide to find out. They strip him off and can't believe their eyes! His cock is so small they struggle to see it - Red tries to find it with her finger and all she can find is a hole. As the girls laugh and humiliate the tiny cock, it eventually sticks its head out to about 2 inches when hard. They try to wank it and get it bigger but it seems this is all there is. The girls comment how his "meat" is making them think of going vegetarian - and Red says after this she is becoming a lesbian. The abuse seems to arouse the fat guy though and he spunks all over the floor causing more laughter from the women!