Jobs A Good 'Un
Ron has answered an advert in the newspaper for a male model but when he arrives he is interviewed by two women for a condom advert! They ask him lots of questions about his penis and eventually persuade them to show it to them. As he undoes his trousers and lets them peek inside the girls suddenly erupt into laughter and start calling his penis a tiny worm. Red says she might need stronger glasses to be able to see it as it's so small and she hands her colleague a magnifying glass so she can get a better look at the little cock. Ron is quite shocked at the laughter because he thought he was a good size but the girls' constant laughter, jokes and verbal abuse make him think otherwise. They start to wank it with two fingers to see if it grows and when old-fashioned Ron starts apologizing they know he is about to spunk everywhere, but his "eruption" just makes them laugh even more!