Fireman's Little Hose
Sally is having a meeting with two colleagues when they are interrupted by a local fireman coming in to check their extinguisher. He says it is unsatisfactory and needs sorting out but then makes a few cocky jokes which makes the women wonder what he has to be so confident about. They wonder if it is true about firemen and the huge size of their "hoses". Unfortunately when they start stripping him off they peer inside his boxer shorts and see a tiny cock. Sally jokes that he won't put much out with that tiny thing and soon all three women are laughing and poking fun at the guy's small penis. They start stroking his cock but giggle at how they wouldn't even feel it if he tried fucking them. The three of them work on his tiny dick, laughing and teasing him all along and when Red shows him her tits he suddenly starts spunking on the floor - "is that it?" they ask him hysterically.