Two paramedics have been called to a house where a guy is complaining of chest pains. When they arrive they find that he seems to feel much better every time their hands go anywhere near his groin area. They deduce that there is nothing wrong with him at all and Laura says she can't feel anything in his trousers. They undress him and laugh at how small his cock is. As they prod it and play with it, the guy tells them the pain has almost completely gone and that they should keep playing with it. The girls just laugh at the pathetic penis and tell him his cock is tiny and they wouldn't normally waste any time on such a tiny thing. Shay asks him why he isn't embarrassed to show them such a little willy and Laura says she thought his cock was actually a bollock to start with. As they carry on playing with it the guy starts to cum and thinks he has impressed them - but he's dead wrong!