Robbed Of His Manhood
Red and Ann have been burgled but when the police arrives they have calmed down and seem more interested in his truncheon than their stolen items. They ask him if he has a big truncheon and when he says no they wonder what would have happened if the burglar had still been in the house. Ann wants to know if he is hiding the truncheon in his trousers and starts groping his groin. He asks them to stop but the girls start undressing him before erupting into fits of giggles when they inside his underwear. The officer thinks his cock isn't that small but Red says she must have been lucky in the past then because she thinks it is tiny. The girls take tuns to stroke his cock to see if they can make it grow but as they continue to giggle and verbally abuse him it gets hard and he spunks all over the table in front of them. "Is that it" says Red checking his cock in case there's more to come.