White Wash
When Alyssha and Paige return home they are dismayed at how little progress Billy has made white washing their living room. These two horny girls decide he will have to impress them in another way and start undressing him. When Alyssha feels inside his underwear she looks confused and says "is that your cock or one of your balls?" and the girls burst out laughing. When they get him naked they see just how small his cock is and joke that "it's Billy, with the little willy!". Paige says she thinks his baby balls are cute and Alyssha says she could fit his cock and both his balls in her mouth at the same time, they are so small. The girls wonder how much spunk will come out of such little balls and start stroking the tiny cock. Alyssha also licks his balls and he starts cumming on the floor in front of them. The girls aren't impressed though and tell him to get back to work!