Wendy has invited some friends round for a drink but when Valentina asks if there are any small cocktail sausages as she is a bit hungry, Wendy jokes and points at John's groin. He tries to deny he has a small cock but when Valentina gets boyfriend Matt to stand up and drop his trousers, he has no choice but to follow suit. Matt has a big cock which gets hard very quickly as Valentina plays with it but when the girls see John's little worm they burst out laughing. He is humiliated to be compared with the big cock next to him and as the girls start stroking his cock too to see if it gets any bigger they tease him that they would all prefer to fuck Matt's big cock. Matt has a big erection now and soon shoots an enormous load of spunk high into the air. As the girls talk about how amazing Matt's cock is, they try to get the little weener to shoot which it eventually does - a very poor load compared to Matt's - which makes John even more humiliated.

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