Laura and Natalie are trying to sell their piano and have invited an antique dealer round to value it. Laura wants $4,000 but the dealer only offers her half. She says he can have it for that price if he can sweeten the deal by showing her his big cock. Unfortunately when the guy drops his trousers, it's more of a worm than a snake which pops out and the two girls can't stop laughing at it. They start poking at his cock and verbally abusing him for having such a tiny penis. Laura holds a pen against it and laughs when the pen is twice the size! The girls then take it in turns to stroke the guy's cock, giggling as they do so because it isn't getting much bigger. As they keep wanking him he spunks all over the table in front of them and Laura kicks him out saying she would rather keep her piano than sell it to someone with such a small cock.

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