Krystal has been out on a date with "big Bob" but when they get back to her place and she strips off ready for sex, he wants her to turn the lights out. She refuses and as he strips off she sees how fat he is and that his tits are bigger than hers! Even worse is when he strips down and she sees his cock is tiny! She calls out to Syren and Axa and they can't believe how small it is either. They humiliate the guy for being fat and tease him that he probably can't see his own cock without a mirror. "You've got a big belly but nothing else is big" they tease him. They liken it to a fanny and say they have never seen anything so small. The embarrassed Bob has to suffer all three girls ripping him to shreds and when they start wanking his dick and showing him their tits to see if it can grow, he loses control and shoots out a pathetic spunk load, making them laugh even more!

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