It's Graham's birthday and his best friend has hired him three gorgeous female strippers to entertain him. Not only are they strippers but they give handjobs too and they ask the boys to strip off so they can started. The best friend drops his trousers and shows off his good-sized cock but when the shy Graham does the same he reveals a tiny penis and the girls burst out laughing. They say that in all their time doing this they have never seen anything like it and tease him about having a second belly button not a penis. "I still can't see it," says Amanda as Vivian tries desperately to find Graham's cock. When they do get hold of his one inch dick they struggle to wank it and humiliate him by comparing him to his best friend who has grown to 8 inches thanks to a handjob from the lovely Jess. As she makes the best friend explode, the other girls laugh their... Read More

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