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When council workers Emma and Krystal pay a visit to Jon's house to see why there has been so much banging noise recently, they find him decorating. He is cheeky to them and the girls decide to put him in his place. At over 6 foot Emma towers over the tiny man and when Krystal notices what small hands he has, the girls laugh about how his cock must be small too. Jon wants to prove them wrong so he strips off but this only makes the girls fall about laughing when they see his tiny penis. Emma says she wouldn't give his cock one out of ten, let alone ten out of ten. She gets him to stick out his tongue and they laugh at the fact that is small as well. "How on earth can you ever satisfy a woman?" they tease him. Emma even gives him a blowjob to see if his cock gets any bigger. It doesn't grow but it does get harder and he soon spunks all over the floor making the girls laugh even more.

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