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Reg has always liked the feel of girls panties so he sneaks into the girls bedroom and puts on a bra and pair of knickers. Unfortunately for him, Syren, Axa and Krystal walk in and catch him. They are shocked and call him a pervert while laughing at how silly he looks. They can't understand why a man would want to wear their knickers but when they look down at the see-through crotch they realise why - Reg's penis is tiny! The girls pull his knickers down and laugh and humiliate him for having such a small cock.They try wanking it to see if it will get any bigger but it only grows hard - no bigger. Krystal wants to see if it is possible to fuck something so small so she pulls her knickers down and climbs on top of his dick but after riding it for several minutes she still can't feel much. She gets off and the girls carry on stroking his cock until he spunks everywhere.

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