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The fork lift truck at the factory has broken and the old boy who drives it asks two of the office girls if they are any good at tightening nuts. He was joking of course, but the two girls decide to have some fun with the old guy and start grabbing the front of his boiler suit to see what he's packing down below. They don't feel much and decide to take off his uniform so they can see the goods up close. When they see how small his cock is they laugh and even his protests that he "used to be bigger when he was younger" just makes them giggle even more. They start wanking his cock to see if it will get any bigger and even when one of the girls unbuttons her top and lets him suck on her young tits, it gets harder but not bigger. As they carry on laughing and abusing his cock, the old boy starts to cum and the girls have fits of giggles as they milk every drop.

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