Frank has come round to price up a decorating job but the girls don't think much of the price he gives them. They think it is way too much and they sit him down on the sofa to "persuade" him to do it for less. Unfortunately when they strip him off they can't do anything but laugh as his cock is so small! He had been bragging that it was quite a good size but the girls laugh and humiliate him as they tell him they have never seen anything quite so small. He tells them he has a very tight foreskin which is why it looks small, but they don't believe there is anything big even on the inside of his foreskin. They take turns to play with his cock and tease him that if he was their boyfriend they would never be interested in sex. As the three gorgeous girls laugh and play with his cock he starts to ejaculate all over the floor and they blackmail him to do their painting job at the... Read More

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