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Laura and Shay have called a repairman to fix the air conditioning in the office. He turns out to be a "cheeky chappie" from London, always bragging about the fact he has the right "tool" for the job - so the girls decide to find out! Before the poor guy knows what is happening they are groping the front of his boiler suit and laughing that they can't feel much. They unbutton his uniform, but when they peer inside his underwear the only thing they find is a massive let-down! The girls decide to humiliate the guy for bragging about such a tiny dick and start touching it to see if it will grow any bigger. AS they mock him about having a small cock, they wank him to see if he can get any bigger and as it starts to grow slightly it also shoots a load of spunk all over the floor which makes the girls giggle even more.

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