Nikita always picks the wrong guy so her friends tell her to try an older man. After dinner with Ron they go back to her place and she strips off ready for sex. The older guy strips off without her seeing his cock and then starts eating her pussy. He then slides his cock inside her and starts thrusting back and forth. Nikita looks at him strangely and asks what he is doing and he says "fucking you, of course". She bursts out laughing as she didn't even realise he was inside her yet. She calls out to her friends and when she explains that Ron has a tiny cock they make him pull out so they can all take a close look. Nikita still tries to fuck him in other positions without success - even reading a book in one position because she couldn't feel anything. When he pulls out and spunks all over the place, Nikita informs him she could never go out with such a tiny dick loser.

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