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Decorator Damian has a lot of work to do stripping the paint off the walls, when he is interrupted by the two girls of the house. They have been discussing whether he has a big cock or not and they want him to tell them the answer - or show them! He tries to carry on working but the girls grab the front of his trousers and tease him that he is small. He gives in and they start stripping him off but when they get the first glimpse of his man meat they are less than impressed. Krystal describes it as "ridiculous" and Donna tells him he needs surgery to extend it. The girls laugh at his cock and tease him and Krystal even measures it against a can of coke - which is bigger. "You need one of those mini cans" she jokes. Donna lifts her skirt and rubs her ass against his dick to try and get it bigger and as the two girls wank it he starts to cum but his eruption only makes them giggle even more.

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