Two girls get a plumber round to fix their toilet but he is a bit wet and pathetic and keeps babbling about "ball-cocks" being the problem. The girls notice there isn't much of a bulge in the front of his work uniform and Emma even has a quick feel. He asks her what she's doing but the girls ignore his protests and start stripping him off before bursting out laughing when they see his boys pants and tiny dick Emma shows him a spanner and says her last boyfriend was that big but when she measures the plumber's cock against it, he doesn't even come half way. "You're really tiny" says Emma as her and Chardonnay continue to laugh at him and mock his little willy. Chardonnay shows him her huge tits to see if that will excite him and as Emma continues to wank him he suddenly erupts in a massive orgasm which even reaches Emma's hair. "Fuck me, there was a month's worth in there!" she says.

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