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Photographer Ron is taking glamour shots of three gorgeous girls. He says he wants everyone to get as hard as he is when they see these pictures. This makes the girls look at his groin and comment that they can't see much - is he lying? They decide to find out and start undressing him despite his protests. When they take his underwear off Ron seems to think they will be impressed and is shocked when they start laughing. The girls giggle and tease him that his cock is tiny and that they only need to use two fingers to wank him. Crystal asks him if he is any good at anal and Ron thinks she is serious. When he says he is good at anal actually she replies "yes, that's because we wouldn't even feel that tiny thing". The girls carry on stroking his cock and realise he is going to cum but they don't bother standing back as his pathetic load won't get anywhere near them - and they're right!

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