Jess is confiding in friends Amanda and Vivian that she has not had sex with her new boyfriend yet because she felt the front of his trousers and there wasn't a lot there. When he walks in the girls confront him about it but he starts boasting about how large his cock is. Jess asks him to show them but he says he doesn't want to or her friends will get jealous. After bigging it up, the girls are desperate to see but when he eventually drops his trousers all it reveals is the smallest cock they have ever seen! It looks like it's only about an inch long and the girls laugh at him and ask if it gets any bigger. They sit him on the sofa and carry on laughing and teasing him about the size of his tiny willy. He is shocked that they aren't impressed and as they start to wank it he grows to two inches and the girls laugh even more that this is full size.

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