When Laura's package gets delivered it is the wrong one as she ordered a different vibrator. The delivery driver says it's not his fault but he has something bigger in his trousers which might help her out. The girls don't believe him and tell him to show them but when they strip him off all they find is a tiny excuse for a penis. "Can you actually wank that thing?" asks Laura laughing at him. The two girls have a go and only need two fingers to stroke his little willy. They tell him he is pretty worthless and would never be able to satisfy them with that tiny thing. Laura holds the dildo next to his cock and they laugh hysterically at how small the cock is compared to the sex toy. The girls carry on wanking his cock and as they giggle and tease him they position him over the box and make him spunk into it as a "present" for the company for sending the wrong items.

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