Red's washing machine has broken and when the engineer quotes her 250 pounds to fix it she says she doesn't have the money. Her two friends Sally and Samara say they are sure that they can come to an arrangement - after all they are women of the world and he must have a man's needs. They start stripping him off but their sexual excitement soon turns to laughter and amazement when they see how small his cock is. The women wonder if he had an accident and that this isn't his real cock. "Where's the rest of it? Is it in your toolbox?" asks Red as the other women giggle away. The three of them take turns to stroke his tiny dick and even get him to stand on the counter so they can look up at it to try and make it look bigger - but it doesn't. As they continue stroking him he starts getting more turned on and soon shoots his load - but they won't need a big mop to clear this lot up.

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