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Models / Emma Butt

Avg Rating: 4.4

Emma Butt Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  October 20, 2006

Sussex born 27-year-old Emma has been a successful glamour and adult model for several years now.

The 34GG stunner says she particularly enjoys the dominant side of her PureCFNM shoots - and standing at 5"11, there's not many guys who would stand up to her.
Emma Butt Updates

Tormenting The Porn Addict
Cyprus Iles, Emma Butt, Jessy September 8, 2019
Emma is furious to have found her little dick slave watching porn. He was watching two girls having lesbian sex and playing with his tiny willy - so she has decided to teach him a lesson he will never forget. She strips him naked, smacks his cock for being naughty and humiliates him over his size. She...

Decorator's Small Brush
Emma Butt, Krystal Niles August 25, 2019
When council workers Emma and Krystal pay a visit to Jon's house to see why there has been so much banging noise recently, they find him decorating. He is cheeky to them and the girls decide to put him in his place. At over 6 foot Emma towers over the tiny man and when Krystal notices what small hands...

The Ex-Boyfriend
Emma Butt, Krystal Niles June 16, 2019
Two girls are at home chatting about a new boyfriend. Emma asks how big his cock and Krystal brags that her new man is huge. When Emma says she can't wait to meet him Krystal pretends he has gone out of town and she won't get to meet him - just as he walks in! Emma confronts him about his penis size...

Fat Bastard
Emma Butt, Krystal Niles June 2, 2019
Emma and Krystal come home to find their friend Rebecca's new boyfriend in the bath. They start interrogating him about Rebecca's claims that he was well hung. They comment on how fat he is and that he looks like the character Fat Bastard out of the Austin Powers films - and he had a tiny dick! The poor...

Fit For Nothing
Chardonnay, Emma Butt March 10, 2019
Emma and Chardonnay are waiting for a private gym session but when their instructor turns up, Emma seems more concerned about whether it is true what they say about muscley body-builders - do they have small cocks? She starts feeling the front of the guy's trousers and, ignoring his protests, the two...

Pizza Guy
Chardonnay, Emma Butt January 29, 2017
When their pizza arrives, Emma and Chardonnay decide to have some fun with the delivery boy and sit him down and interrogate him about the size of his cock. He says it is three inches and is quite shocked when the girls burst out laughing. He thinks that is quite impressive and says if it was any bigger...

Pathetic Plumber
Chardonnay, Emma Butt January 15, 2017
Two girls get a plumber round to fix their toilet but he is a bit wet and pathetic and keeps babbling about "ball-cocks" being the problem. The girls notice there isn't much of a bulge in the front of his work uniform and Emma even has a quick feel. He asks her what she's doing but the girls ignore his...