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Models / Syren Sexton

Avg Rating: 4.8

Syren Sexton Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Stunning Looks
Date Joined:  December 21, 2007

Glamour model Syren hails from Newcastle but isn't your normal strong, independent Geordie.

Instead she is shy and quite innocent - until we stripped some guys naked and put their cocks in her hand!

She certainly wasn't phased though and the gorgeous blonde 22-year-old started stroking like a pro and has already asked to come back again.
Syren Sexton Updates

Freaks And Geeks
Axa Jay, Krystal Niles, Syren Sexton July 23, 2020
Three girls go to the bar to play pool but after putting their money in they realise the table is slanted. They ask for their money back but the bar manager refuses, saying that for such pretty girls he has something in his pants for them instead. They are tired of men bragging about the size of their...

Down To His Smalls
Axa Jay, Krystal Niles, Syren Sexton June 11, 2020
Reg has always liked the feel of girls panties so he sneaks into the girls bedroom and puts on a bra and pair of knickers. Unfortunately for him, Syren, Axa and Krystal walk in and catch him. They are shocked and call him a pervert while laughing at how silly he looks. They can't understand why a man...

Beauty And The Beast
Axa Jay, Krystal Niles, Syren Sexton April 26, 2020
Krystal has been out on a date with "big Bob" but when they get back to her place and she strips off ready for sex, he wants her to turn the lights out. She refuses and as he strips off she sees how fat he is and that his tits are bigger than hers! Even worse is when he strips down and she sees his cock...

Little Problem Doctor
Cherry Adams, Scarlett March, Sophie O'Brien, Syren Sexton January 2, 2020
Don goes to the doctor's to discuss his "little problem downstairs" but is horrified when the usual guy he sees is away and he has to see a female doctor. She assures him she is a professional but when he drops his pants to show her the problem, she can't help but burst out laughing. She finds his little...